Our new adventure…

Okay, as I mentioned in the last post, we have added a new adventure to our plate so, I will cut right to the chase and share our big news…


Bryson has accepted an amazing job with Passion Conferences/Passion City Church in Atlanta. He will be the director of the Do Something Now Campaign and Pastor of Global Engagement. We are so very excited (and slightly overwhelmed!) about this new opportunity and move for our family!  The Do Something Now Campaign is the project I have had the honor of working on for the past several years and the fact that Bryson gets to come on board and lead it to the next level is so exciting! And to be a little part of what God is stirring at Passion City Church is such an honor. Here’s a note from Bryson sharing a bit more of our heart and the journey that has taken us to this place…

Emily and I love the world.  Our desire to see, experience, and travel the world is something that unites our hearts.  As we have traveled, God has opened our eyes to the poor, helpless, voiceless, and oppressed.  In the last 5 years, our hearts have been broken over the reality of global poverty, human trafficking, orphans, injustice, and the need for hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Throughout this time, Emily has had the opportunity to launch and carry out the vision of the Do Something Now campaign at Passion Conferences.  She has been able to harness her passion and creativity to inspire thousands of people to funnel millions of dollars to causes all over the world.  We have been humbled and in awe of how God has breathed life into the Do Something Now campaign.

This spring, the Passion team started to dream about finding a leader to direct and lead the Do Something Now campaign.  As Emily and I begin to pray and think about a good fit for the role, it became pretty clear to me that this might be what God has prepared and gifted me to do.  The tension that I felt was that I absolutely love Athens Church, Sean, the city of Athens, UGA, and everything about my current job.  I had no desire to make a job transition.  However, we felt like we were suppose to pray, seek wisdom from wise mentors, and ask the people who know me best about whether or not I should consider this opportunity.  After months of seeking, it became clear to me that this new job was the right fit for me.  Not only was it the right fit, it felt like God wanted us to follow Him in faith on this journey.

Emily and I feel like we are leaving a piece of our heart in Athens.  We are really sad about the thought of transitioning away from the staff and mission of Athens Church, and the city of Athens. But we have been so encouraged by the support of friends as we have shared the news and are so excited to take this step towards another amazing Kingdom opportunity. Athens, we love you and will miss you dearly!

So here we go! A leap of faith and a new adventure for the V-tanz family in the heart of ATL. The timing seems insane (new baby-sell house-buy house-move- huge conference-new job-mama cry?), but we are believing and trusting that God is in all the details! But even in the chaos, we really feel complete peace about this transition…and that a sweet gift from the Lord that I am clinging to!


5 thoughts on “Our new adventure…

  1. Welcome back! I’m so excited to hear about this next big step in your lives! I can’t wait to see and hear all God does in and through both of you!

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