I’ve fallen off the blog-wagon the past week or so. My apologies to all my faithful readers (all 3 of you. Hi mom!). My lack of blogging is indicative of how CRAZY life has been ’round the V-tanz house the past few weeks. Each fall I begin working on Passion Conferences January event. I LOVE being a part of this amazing ministry…but my life does get a little crazy/stressful/exhausting during these months. Add on being large-as-a-house pregnant (Hello third trimester and awful sciatic nerve constantly throbbing painfully down my left side!), parenting 2 active little people, and I’m one worn out mama who can’t put together a sentence let alone a blog post most nights. Why yes, I will take some cheese with my whine. 🙂

But inpsite of all the current craziness, life is really good and God is gracious. AND we have some fun news…we have taken a leap of faith and have added yet another super exciting adventure to our already full plate…well, at least it’s exciting to us. But you will have to wait until tomorrow’s blog to find out!

Until then here are some pictures of the lil’ people…

Oh, nevermind, I just realized I don’t have any new pics! Gotta dust off the camera and get back on this blog-wagon for real!

Have a good night friends.


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