Show me those pearly whites…

Nash was a superstar at his first ever dentist appointment today. I was so proud of him! I had worked it up in my head that he was going to have a complete meltdown and security was going to have to escort us off the premises, but to my surprise, he did really well! The dental hygienist was so patient and sweet to Nash. They let him sit on my lap while they cleaned his teeth and he sat perfectly still and opened his mouth just like we practiced! He didn’t even cry when they flossed his teeth (can’t say the same for me! I always feel like crying when they floss my teeth!). His teeth look good…clean and healthy. Now we just have to get Nash to stop sucking his fingers so they don’t cause damage to his pearly whites. Yeeeeaahhhh, I’ll get right to work on that.

All in all, it was an epic day in the life of our little 3 year old…and this is one proud mama! Here is the pictorial play by play…

Gearing up...

Learning about the tools. (Yes, I believe I am more frightened at this point than Nash)

so brave!

Get those sugar bugs!


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