Slumber Party

Well, tonight Evyn and I are having a slumber party. But it’s not one I had planned or hoped for. I’m currently hiding in the bathroom of our little hospital room while Evyn gets some much needed sleep. (I don’t want my clicking keys to wake her up! Nothing like spending an evening in a 3×4 bathroom with a toilet and a shower!) It’s safe to say that it’s been a very long day! Evyn had some major difficulty breathing and wheezing last night so after a visit to the doctor this morning they sent us right to the hospital to have some tests done and to monitor her throughout the day/night. The good news is she is breathing MUCH better after steroid meds, several breathing treatments, and lots of TLC. RSV and Flu tests came back negative (Praise God!) so we aren’t sure the root cause, but looks like she will be on breathing treatments for awhile until we get this figured out. Hopefully we will go home tomorrow morning and be on the mend.

A day like this really puts things into perspective. My heart is breaking for families who battle in hospitals for weeks…months…years at a time watching their children fight disease and sickness. I can not imagine what a helpless feeling that is for those parents. How lonely they must often feel. How exhausted they become. God has really opened my eyes and heart today to pray for those sweet families struggling! Lord willing my family will be in and out of this hospital within 24 hours, but for many families these beige and sterile walls become their home for far too long. Talk about perspective!

For the sake of application and putting feelings/thoughts into ACTION…check out this amazing ministry called Lighthouse Family Retreat. It’s a way that you and I can serve families who are daily in the battle of fighting disease with their children. Check it out!


6 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. Poor baby =( Beautiful as ever though 😉 Asthma perhaps? It’s on my mind lately b/c my lil man has had a bad cough too. Because my husband and I both have a history of childhood asthma, the doctors have our monkey on close watch. We did nebulizer treatments for a week. Sounds like with the weezing, difficulty breathing, and up all night…like asthma. But I’m no doctor. Hope they figure out the problem soon so baby Evyn starts feeling better! =)

    • yep, the doctor thinks its asthma too. She has a cold virus that probably just made the asthma flare up. It’s scary stuff when your baby can’t breathe! Hopefully she will grow out of it over the next few years.

  2. oh em i got on here just for fun and about lost my lunch seeing that honey in a hospital bed..
    i had childhood asthma and brother did as well..and we both grew out of it…the best thing she will need is a calm mama..asthma is just so scary but when you have a calm sweet mama saying it’s ok and reminding you what to do it really is manageable..i just remember that most– my mom 🙂
    she looks edible in that bed. i want to hear about how all the nurses almost kidnapped her i’ve NO DOUBT about that. text me! love MB

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