More family…

I love my family. We are far from perfect, but we sure are a lot of fun when we get together. Lots and lots of chaos, laughter, and FOOD this past week as we all accended on Clarksburg, WV for the week. The week included 6 grown kids + 4 spouse + 1 boyfriend,  9 grandkids under the age of 6 + 3 more babies on the way! Like I said, lots of chaos but oh so good to see everyone for  a few days. Here are a few more pictures of our Hill Family Reunion…

The whole chaotic clan...Michael + Blaine (Cooper, Colin, +1 due in Sept.), Erin + Micah (Ian, Amelia), Seth, Bryson + Emily (Nash, Evyn, +1 due in Dec.), Kristin + Paul (not pictured), Adam + Olivia (Xavier, Charis, + 1 due in Feb.)

Aunt Olivia and Evyn Olivia

Erin and Amelia

The Goodwin clan



Ian + Amelia

getting clean in the outside bathtub. I love Evyn's expression!

Uncle Seth and all the kids...

girl talk.

The beautiful girls...Amelia, Charis, and Evyn.

Always the looker

Cooper loving on Evyn (while she eats a cookie)

One more of all the cousins...

Good times…good times!


4 thoughts on “More family…

  1. What a family! 🙂

    I came across your blog from someone else’s blog–so happy for you! Hey, you might want to come check out a new Christian adoption website — there is a room on the forum dedicated to Ethiopian adoptions. Come and join in and get the discussion rolling in there. Hope it becomes a place of mutual encouragement and helpfulness!

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