Slip and Slide!

Nash had an absolute blast in WV with his cousins Xavier and Ian whom he now calls his best friends. One of the highlights for Nash was the homemade slip and slide that his awesome Obi put on the side of the hill. To quote the 3 year olds, they had “SO MUCH FUN!!”. Nash’s little back was bruised from going down the hill so many times, but it didn’t phase him a bit. These are memories we will treasure forever!

Watching Obi build the slide...


one, two, three, GO!

dad gives Nash a toss down the hillside

all three boys!



Even Evyn wanted in on the fun...

"Please mama!? Can I go down the slide??"

buddies for life

Filthy, but so fun!

We will treasure this picture forever!

Xavier, Nash, and Ian


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