San Francisco Treat!

Remember that old annoying Rice-a-Roni jingle? It was stuck in my head the entire time we were in San Fran this weekend. Other than the misfortunate soundtrack playing in my mind, Bryson and I had an awesome time exploring the city and celebrating 8 years of marriage. Well, I should say, EATING the city! Man oh man did we eat some fantastic meals!! I won’t bore you with the details of eating at In-and-Out Burger (3 times!), the fabulous bakery called Tartine (to-die-for bread pudding, yes please!), the UH-mazing authentic lunch at La Palmas in the Mission district (I’m talking hand made tortillas, everything in Spanish authentic deliciousness!), eating our way through the Sellers Farmer Market on Saturday, or the fancy smancy dinner at the Dining Room of the Ritz (Lobster Risotto with Truffles, heck yeah!). Eating while traveling is what we do best. I am sure we both gained 10 pounds…and a whole lotta great memories. (**BV was supposed to run the marathon but due to a disappointing foot injury after his MN marathon he was not able to run. It was a big bummer, but we made the most of our time!)

Say it with me..."Rice a Roni, the San Francisco TREAT! Ding Ding!" Not sure pregnant women should be hanging off the side of trolley cars!)

We had a lot of self portraits like this...

see what I mean?

The bridge

The ocean!

Pure delicious-ness.

Bryson's moment of utopia

Pregnant lady in front of the Painted Ladies

Another prego shot

Bryson loved riding the not so much.

we even took a drvw down the 1 and visited the HUGE Redwoods of Big Basin

Grateful that my husband makes it a priority for us to spend quality time away with one another. Thanks Bryson! And thanks to Mimi and Pop Pop for spoiling the kids while we were away!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco Treat!

  1. Love these pics! Love San Fransico! When we lived in Sacramento, we loved driving over for a day in San Fran! So fun! And so love In and Out burgers!! YUM!

  2. You two are adorable! Looks like a memorable anniversary celebration! San Francisco is such a fun city–and you are right–lots of delicious food! Bet the In-and-Out had nothing on the ol’ Union Hotel’s “Emily Burger”, though! We were there a few years ago during the marathon and I remember looking out our hotel window and saying “What are all those people doing down there all wrapped up in aluminum foil-looking blankets?” I thought it was some sort of demonstration or that there was some sort of disaster occurring or something–haha–I was clueless and know nothing about running! Couldn’t believe how cold it was for July, though! Hope Bryson’s foot heals up soon!

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