Because I know you are just dying to know! 🙂 (But more because this is my journal so I need to include these milestones!)

We are rockin’ potty world! Full time big boy undies. No accidents. Dry all nap & night. Even went to church in big boy undies! Potty’d in the bookstore bathroom, too! Very happy Nash. VERY happy mama. By George, I think he’s got it! He’s even catching on to the “treat” system now and milkin’ it for everything it’s worth. Smart kid. “If I go potty 10 times in an hour, then I get 10 treats! Brilliant!”

I especially appreciate how Nash cheers for any and all people who potty in our house. He promptly cheers for them and brings them the treat jar of M&M’s. Such an encourager! Hilarious. So watch out if you visit our home anytime soon…your potty abilities will be praised and celebrated!


3 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. So great!! So glad it is going so easy…that is something to celebrate! I think that potty training has been my least favorite thing about parenthood! 🙂

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