The other night I was having a silent pity party in front of the mirror as I stared at my ever-growing-feeling-rather-large-pregnant-self. My husband walked in (not knowing I was pouting) and said the sweetest thing as he looked at me…

“At the end of the day, do you feel like you have such purpose and significance? I mean, you are growing a human being! Even if you do nothing else in a day, you still did something so significant just because you are pregnant.”

He said it so matter of factly and then just went on to whatever he was working on. It was so sweet. Here I am having a pity party because I feel really “not-so-pretty” these days as the baby inside is taking over my body…but in reality, I really am doing something hugely significant! What an honor to be pregnant! It was a really good reminder and helped put my current reality back into perspective. And I can always use a good does of perspective.

Now that I’m feeling pretty good about myself again, I’m going to go eat a bowl of ice cream. But before I go, here is a rarely seen sight…a picture of me and my precious husband dressed up at a wedding this weekend (kid-free, no food stains on our clothes, my hair brushed and I even have jewelry on! Wow! And I’m wearing black so you can’t even really see the fullness of my prego belly.) Enjoy this picture, because it may be a long time before this opportunity comes around again!


3 thoughts on “Significant.

  1. What a thoughtful~~and TRUE~~observation! Love how Bryson speaks your LOVE language with such ease. You two are such a sweet couple. And what a great picture. You are beautiful. Radiant! Glowing!

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