Our day in court…

On June 29, 2010 we finalized Evyn Olivia’s adoption in the state of Georgia. This action was the final step in our adoption process. Evyn’s name was legally changed, a Georgia state birth certificate issued to her, and she can now apply for Social Security and complete her citizenship. The re-adoption process was short, sweet, and simple, but a huge moment for our family and our sweet girl.


6 thoughts on “Our day in court…

  1. Oh, yeah, my husband did say he knew your husband a while back, I forgot about that. Wow! It is a small world! Congratulations about Evyn’s adoption being finalized! I love all these pictures!

  2. I am just now checking the blog since a while so I know this is a little late, but what an awesome day!! I’m so glad you got it documented in pictures! I especially like the one with both of your hands raised while holding the kids! 🙂

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