Please set the table…

Nash is a great helper. He is always usually willing to jump in and help whenever I ask and loves learning how to do things. I’ve been teaching him how to set the table and he knows just how I like it to be set….or so I thought! I was busy making dinner so I asked Nash if he would set the table for me.  “Sure, Mama!” he said and went right to work. I set out the plates, napkins, and forks in the kitchen and let him carry them in to the dining room and set the table …unsupervised. He was happy as could be and I noticed he was really taking his time with the task. Finally, I walked into the dining room to check on him and with a giant smile on his face, Nash says, “I did it, Mama!!”. He was so proud of the job he had done…

I have to praise his creative skills and work ethic. Notice he moved around the big chairs, added a small kid chair on TOP of one and a food stool (He told me he was going to stand on the stool and eat his dinner off the kid chair…notice the plate and napkin? He’s an outside the box thinker!). He did manage to get the other plates and napkins kind of close to where they should go. But what I liked best was the addition of several toys from the play room including musical instruments strategically placed so we could sing for our supper, perhaps? The forks ended up in the guitar…so we will have to work on the placement of silverware on the table…

another close up of “Nash’s seat”…

I love how my little people make me laugh…and bring joy to the mundane and little things in life!


4 thoughts on “Please set the table…

  1. oh my goodness…that makes me miss that little guy sooo much!!! He does come up with the darnest things–so creative! Mimi

  2. Repeats every 1 day was not intuitive to me what the sencod box was for. At first, I assumed it was how many days it would repeat and I was thinking this is a bad way to set the number of days. I am not sure the Repeats every n days is worth having on there.-Is never the right default for when the entry ends? I would suggest that if its daily, the following day would be a good default 2 day events are more common than never ending events. If its weekly, maybe never is the right default but indefinitely is probably the more accurate term. It repeats until we cancel it, but we aren’t sure when that will be, so its indefinite.

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