Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 1st Birthday Evyn Olivia!


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby!

  1. So precious! Can’t believe how big she’s getting. Please tell me where you got that flower headband. My E “needs” one, too!

  2. Just watched the Boyce’s Gotcha video. Did we see you in the background of one of the shots? Did you travel at the same time with them?

    Happy B-day to your little girl! Very exciting.


  3. Hey Vogeltanz family,
    We are following your family story online and wanted you to know that. Time flies doesn’t it?
    Your children are blessed to have you both!
    Our Christmas card to you was returned and I have been meaning to find your correct address ever since so I am just opting for a quick note on your blog. You know more from Facebook than I could share with you anyway.
    We love you,
    Ann and Fairfax

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