Proud Mama + Gotcha Video

Hands down, one of the greatest moments of my year (and life!) was bringing home our daughter Evyn! I am so blessed to be the mama of such a sweet baby girl and a wonderful son! So in honor of  celebrating my most recent role of mothering Evyn, I am unveiling our adoption story video today! Our dear friend Courtney put this together for us (THANK YOU!!). My prayer is that our little story would be a part of bringing Glory to a much larger story…HIS story. And maybe, just maybe, inspire another family to take one step towards adoption. 143 million+ children are waiting…

If you have trouble viewing, or want to see a HIGH RES version:


35 thoughts on “Proud Mama + Gotcha Video

  1. Tears, tears, tears!! I can not even imagine how many hearts are going to be inspired by your precious video! LOVE how you told your story, how God called you, and talked of the charge to love orphans, while showing your sweet girl.

  2. Tears are falling down my cheeks as I watched this. I can’t wait to have my turn to walk through those gates and have my baby put in my arms. You are a blessing to me today as I see the steps as those who have walked before us!

  3. Oh Emily!!! What an amazing video! Tears, of course…I hope you didn’t expect anything different. I can only imagine how God is going to use your family and your story to stir the hearts of those around you. Do you mind if I share it on our blog?

  4. Awesome, awesome video! Just beautiful. Of course tears are flowing for your story, for the treasure of your friendship and having shared that day with you, and even getting to watch our own gotcha experience happening in the background of your photos.
    Love you guys!

  5. Beautiful! Saw the link floating around facebook. Realized I had “met” you via your blog before!! My dearest friend from seminary days was Bonnie Seay (we like Sean ok, too), and she told me about you guys last fall when we announced we were adopting from Ethiopia! Blessed to watch and hear your story!


  6. dear evyn, i won’t ever forget getting to see your mama the morning after she got to see your picture for the first time. she was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off! it was a little glimpse of joy i know only a mom can fathom. we love you!!

  7. Emily and Bryson!

    It was a pleasure to walk with you through this journey, and the video is just amazing. All our love!

  8. Emily, the video is amazing! My husband and I are just starting the process, and it was so crazy to hear what ya’ll were saying…I felt like it was us talking! God has been revealing those same truths to us…and giving us the word “rescue” too! Your family is so precious and inspiring.
    Well, got my husband to watch your video and he forwarded it to some of his best friends. Little did we know, at the same time, our good friend, David Robbins, was emailing us about your video too. Jody had just emailed it to him! Don’t know if this all makes sense. ha!
    But anyway, we have mutual friends…David and Meg Robbins. We have been friends with them forever! I had no idea when I posted your video on our blog that ya’ll were the friends they had told us about! So cool!
    Thanks for sharing the video…it is so inspiring..will be following your blog!

  9. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story! What an encouragement and challenge. I pray that God uses your story to change the lives of many orphans and their forever families across the word!

  10. Emily! I just loved seeing that! How beautiful and what a vivid picture of Christ’s love for us. So excited for y’all.

  11. amazing. i cried through the entire thing, what amazing memories it brought up….the night in the camper when you told us….when we first saw sweet evyn’s picture…..and when you brought her home…amazing, inspiring, glorifying to the Lord! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. friends–that is so beautiful and i think everyone in the world needs to see it! i love my little friend evyn! you guys are inspiring! im so thankful that we get to do life w your family!

  13. Emily and Bryson…..what an incredible story and obedience to Him and for the life you have chosen to change forever. Nash and Evyn are lucky children to have parents so amazing by His glory! Congrats…..He is faithful!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. What an AMAZING story and to think how awesome our God is to have orchestrated your family’s story. I cried through the entire video but of course tears of joy.

  15. What an awesome video. I’ve been following your story. What an incredible testimony and its been a blessing to read. I know that it’ll inspire and bless others. You have such a beautiful family. I look forward to see what God has in store for you and your family. Expect great things.

  16. Wow!, what a great story, many tears of joy and awe of Gods grace watching this. Hope you don’t mind if I share.

  17. Oh You guys!! It’s so beautiful!! And so well said….what an amazing story God is writing in your family. I love it!

  18. What a great gotcha day video! Thanks so much for sharing. Your little girl is so beautiful! I posted your video on my blog, because you expressed your passion for adoption so well! I am sure God is using your story to give others a heart for orphans. We live in your same city too, so maybe we can meet one day, maybe at the African Fellowship meeting Andrea is getting together.

  19. An absolutely beautiful video, story and family. I shared it on my blog today. Thank you for taking the time to make the video so that other families might be inspired by God’s story in your lives and pray about adoption.

  20. I recently located your blog and I am currently in the airport crying my eyes out! ( I know the guy across from is wondering why she is crying and smiling so hard) Your video is so beautiful. What your family articulated in that wonderful video is what I currently feel about our new journey. We are only in the beginning, but I feel in my heart that my baby is there waiting for me.
    Many Blessings,

  21. What a great video! You guys are truly inspiring. My husband and I have just started our Ethiopian adoption adventure and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us. Thank you for your beautiful story.

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