“So, how’s she doing?”

In the 4 months we’ve been home, I’ve gotten that question a lot. I honestly never really know how to answer it. I usually use my standard joke, “Well, I’ve asked her about it and she hasn’t had any major complaints”. I think I am pretty funny. 🙂 But really, I don’t know how to give an honest quick answer. So here is my LONG answer: I really do think she is doing great. I think she has adjusted beautifully, is healthy and right on schedule. But I’ve never done this before, so I’ll let you know in 20 some years when she is all grown up. Here is what I know for sure SO FAR:

  • She is 10 months old and hitting all the milestones like she should. Go Evyn Go!
  • She likes me a lot and giggles when she sees me. BUT she especially likes Bryson. She has an incredible high decibel scream she saves for 5pm when he walks through the door and greets him with her screams of joy + excitement.
  • She gets sad when I leave the room for a minute. This is a great attachment sign (but sometimes drives me crazy. 🙂 )
  • She reaches for me and Bryson and loves to be held.
  • She says Mama + Dada and loves to make the kissing sound at us.
  • She is sleeping great and plays in her crib happily until I come get her instead of screaming the minute she wakes up as she did when she first arrived home. I think this developement means she feels safe and comfortable now and knows I will always come get her when it’s time to get up.
  • We continue to work on good eye contact and teaching her to snuggle. She isnt very snuggly, but this could just be her personality and not necessarily an “adoption” thing. She is comfortable in our arms and really does enjoy being held by us.

So, yes, she is adjusting GREAT! I am really pleased and PRAISE GOD for how well the attachment has gone so far. She is very much our daughter and we are so in love with this little person. I can not believe she has been home with us for 4 months already!

These two are fun...and very loud.

Nash hooked his truck up "Evyn's basket"...then proceeded to drag her around the house. Good times.

always looking pretty.

Sassy pants...letting the world know she isn't so happy about something. 🙂


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