Spring, where are you?

Isn’t there supposed to be a season in between Winter and Summer? I think it is called Spring, but it somehow skipped us this year. It has been H-O-T here in Georgia. I promise, one day we were wearing sweaters and the next I had the kids in shorts and t-shirts! Oh Spring, where did you go? Also, is anyone else in the south extreemly annoyed with the OVERWHELMING amount of pollen! The world is yellow all around us! I made the mistake of leaving my garage door opened for a few hours today and now everything looks as if it has recieved the golden touch.

On a more happy note, Spring means EASTER! I love celebrating Easter and all it means! Here are some pictures of my Easter pretties….

the only shot of the two kids together!

Happy first Easter baby girl! (**note: can you believe i found that bow at Wal-mart for $2! What a find!)

Nash and his best friend Addison. He look like such a gentleman with his arm around her!

Mimi and Pop Pop brought an Easter "basket" in the form of a red wagon! How fun!!

Hey adoption mama’s! Check out Ethiopia or Bust latest GIVEAWAY! It’s a really good one!!

***Also, thank you for praying for Baby Hogan. He was born on Friday and is fighting, but doing well. We are celebrating 6 days of life and praying for many more! Check out the blog that his dad writes. It is amazing to watch their faith in action! Praise God! Keep praying with us!


1 thought on “Spring, where are you?

  1. dang, i saw that bow at wal mart, but passed it up thinking it couldn’t possibly be cute on since it was $2 at walmart!!! dumb ol’ me…it looks darling on evyn!

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