it is said…

…that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sadly my camera battery is MIA so a thousand words is all you are getting in today’s post. It’s been missing since our recent trip up north and I have missed several picture worthy moments this week, but oh well…I captured them in my mind’s eye and that will last far longer anyway.

Okay, so what’s new this week? I have a fun update for you…

One of the coolest things about our adoption journey is that we get to keep telling the story and sharing our experience in our little sphere of influence. It has been such a joy to talk to families interested in adoption and help inch them one step closer to taking the leap and going for it! One such family is the JONES FAMILY. Josh is a pastor with Bryson at Athens Church and they just recently announced they are adopting from Ethiopia with AGCI! Welcome to the family Jones’!! There is a great community of blog-world friends ready to greet you and cheer you on! Josh was diagnosed with cancer almost 5 years ago and God carried him and his family through that time with such grace and strength. This summer will mark 5 years since the cancer came and was defeated (PRAISE GOD!!) and they can officially submit their dossier. I am SO SO happy that our Evyn will have a friend from Hannah’s Hope right here in our little hometown!!! What an amazing blessing!!!

Another new AGCI family is Doug and Shelley Hunt. One cool thing about their story is that God really started to shape their heart for adoption at Passion2010, the conference that I help lead and that Evyn got to experience right off the plane when we landed January 1, 2010 in Atlanta. Those were very special days indeed! Be sure to say hi to both the Jones family and to the Hunt family!!!

Also, here is a really fun contest going on right now that support Ethiopian adoption. Be sure to check out:


2 thoughts on “it is said…

  1. Thanks for the shout out Emily. You guys have been such an inspiration to us- thanks for being so courageous. We never would have done this without you guys taking the leap first!

  2. Okay friend I am a little obsessed with checking blogs these days and imagine my surprise when I started reading about the Jones family in my favorite blog!! So fun!! Who knew that as we were praying for Lola and baby Opi that God had way bigger plans than we could ever dream. Love you!!!

    P.S. so glad that you found your camera battery!!!

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