Evyn turned 9 months old this past week! I’ll be the first to admit that I am not good at remembering or recognizing special dates or holidays, so it wasn’t until about 10 o’clock on the day that I realized it was Evyn’s 9 month marker. She has been in our arms for just over 80 days now and I am so pleased with how the transition is going (Praise God!). There have certainly been hard moments and hard days. There’s no inspiring soundtrack playing in the backgound as our story daily unfolds in slow motion around us, nope, just real life around here at the V-tanz house, but man do we feel so blessed to be on this journey and to call Evyn our daughter. The last few months have been so full! The little lady is growing up so fast…3 teeth, almost crawling, reaches for me when she isn’t in my arms. Oh, and I love the way she gets shy around strangers and hides her fat little face on my shoulder when someone new approaches. The list goes on and on and each little milestone melts our hearts. We love our little Evyn Olivia. Happy 9 months old baby girl!


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