Good times, I tell ya!

Whoa, it’s been a whirl wind week! My sister and I made the drive from WV down to Georgia on Saturday with 4 kids in tow. Nash had an earache and therefore was not the best traveller. What should take about 8 hours took us closer to 12, and we consumed far to many calories along the way! (Chick-fil-a milkshakes anyone?). We finally made it and have been having a great week hanging out. My sister brings out a strange + goofy side of me like no one else in the world does and we laugh constantly. Good times, I tell ya! Here’s some pictures of our boys…

Nash and Xavier plotting their next adventure

This picture makes them look like little angels quietly reading a book. (don't be fooled, this didn't last more than 2 minutes and they were up and running again.)

Life is just so funny with good friends to share it with!

saying goodbye to Marmi and Obi in WV...

Evyn adores Obi...just like everyone else!


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