Extra wide!

Nash has big, wide, fat, perfect little feet that are VERY hard to find shoes that fit. He got his first pair of shoes (Extra Wide New Balance) when he started walking at 11 months…and has had the exact same style of shoe ever since (5 pairs!!).

Nash with his first pair of shoes | August 2008

But this week we finally found a new brand + style that fit his adorable fat sausage feet! It’s a small detail in life, but it makes me really happy…and Nash loves his new kicks. Thanks Marmi!

Finally...new shoes!

cool kicks!


4 thoughts on “Extra wide!

  1. Aww, very nice. You’ll probably have the opposite problem with Evyn… Both my girls have such narrow heals that it is hard to keep some shoes on them!

  2. I had no idea they made these in extra wide. We bought Millie a pair and they wouldn’t velcro all the way b/c her foot (like Nash’s) is so wide! I will have to look into getting her some in WIDE!

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