To my friends on the waiting list…

I am praying tonight for my friends currently on the adoption roller coaster. Today some new changes were implemented into the Ethiopian adoption process (By the Ethiopian government). While the new changes are put in place to make sure the adoption procedure is safe, carried out with integrity and ultimately aim to best benefit the children, they surely frustrate and cause anxiety in the hearts of the parents just longing to bring home their children. In simple terms (and I am still trying to figure it all out) families will now travel to Ethiopia twice instead of just once as Bryson and I did. Both parents will travel for their court date and to meet their baby…then go home and wait…then go back to pick up their baby. I really pray these new changes won’t keep people from pursuing adoption in Ethiopia. So so so many children are waiting for their forever families!  Here is how my sweet friend Andrea who is on the waiting list explains the new procedure and how she is trusting God each step of the way…

“Today, as I learned of MORE recent changes with the Ethiopia adoption program–I am sticking to the race the Lord called me to and trusting HIM to be the writer of my story. I believe in the end, the wait–the hurdles–the unknowns–the heartaches–will all not only be worth it…but in the process of being refined and standing by what I believe the Lord called us to–we will not only be blessed but also more Christlike. Amen?!

Due to approximately 41 families revoking their adoptions in Ethiopia once they got there (for whatever reason) and recent CBS reports about an agency which is now being questioned (not ours)—new policies have been put in place…which will ultimately delay our adoption by they are guessing approximately 7-8 weeks (2 months). Two trips will also now be required. One trip will be made by BOTH parents immediately after referral (approximately 2 weeks after) and parents will stay in Ethiopia for approximately 1 week to “bond” with the child and at that time sign papers and officially accept the referral. THEN, both parents will journey home with their hearts full of trust that they will pass court—hopefully the first time. After court, an embassey date will be set–and only one parent will be required to travel at that time to get their child. AND THEN at that point can you make plans to come cheer, cry, jump up and down, PRAISE THE LORD, and do a happy dance WITH ME at the airport!

There are risks. There are unknowns. And I won’t go into details on those—simply because—they are risks and unknowns. And I’m not concerned with them—because I just happen to serve the God of risks and unknowns. Yes, I do. When I trusted Him as my Savior and He said, “Follow me” I knew there would be risks and unknowns. In fact, all I saw were risks…and the unknowns—gosh, they were everywhere. BUT I serve an all powerful mighty God. AND God also knew–because He is writing my story and I have told Him I will follow Him regardless…always…no matter matter the risk or uncertainty…that He would remind me before this call with my agency that He is the one writing my story.”

Praying for you Andrea and all my blog world friends as you trust God to write your family’s story. The wait is worth it. May your journey bring much glory and fame to Christ Jesus!


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