Thursday Nights Downtown!

BV and I are not good with traditions. We forget everything. This really bothers me and I am resolved in trying to fix this about us. We are taking some small steps towards fixing this problem. We have now implemented: “Thursday night dinner downtown”night. We go as a family to one of the downtown restaurants (usually involving a coupon) and talk it up like a tradition we have done for years. All traditions have to start somewhere, right? Well, we have only been at it for about a month and already this week we had to have “Thursday night dinner downtown” on Monday night. Oh well. We really do try.

Does your family have traditions? Do you dream about having family traditions? Chime in and let me know what your traditions are, when they started and what you love or hate about ’em.

Enjoying Thursday Night Downtown…

food please?

BV thinking up the perfect twitter to capture the moment....

Why so serious?


4 thoughts on “Thursday Nights Downtown!

  1. So funny…I just saw that first pic first and I thought baby girl was getting baptised or something in water! Doesn’t that first pic almost look like she’s in water w/ her reflection?! I figured out it was a table when I looked at the rest of the pics and the post! How funny though:)

  2. When we first got married, we were doing Sunday night “family night” with Aaron’s whole family- his 5 siblings, everyone has kids (except for us all those years-haha), and his parents. It was fun, good food, talking, etc. So loved the tradition of wanting to be together for family time… not a huge fan of it being every single Sunday- though I appreciate the meaning behind it. Sometimes things were just too busy during the work week teaching that I needed some downtime or to prepare for the next week or just time with Aaron. So that is my love/hate relationship with 4 times a month meetings.

    Our own little family of 3 is also working to develop special traditions, and I look forward to ideas.

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