thinking about it…

Someone is thinking about crawling. Every now and then she will lift her belly off the floor like she is going to make a run for it, but it quickly droops back down and a little smirk comes across her face like she is sayin’ “fooled ya!”.  Diva is spelled E-V-Y-N around here.

phase 1 | Happy!

phase 2 | Plop.

phase 3 | And she is up!

phase 4 | Seriously? This really isn'tthat fun, mom.

Me and the kiddo’s are headed to West Virginia to visit my family. Country roads take me home!!! Isn’t is amazing how someplace can still be “home” even after you haven’t lived there for more than 10 years. I hope my kids feel that way one day about coming to visit me and Bryson. I hope they always have a little longing in them to come “home”.  Happy Thursday friends…


2 thoughts on “thinking about it…

  1. She’s so beautiful and is getting so big! Love her facial expression in that last photo especially! Have fun in WV! 🙂

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