The 411 on Nash…

Being that this month is Nash’s Half Birthday (He is halfway to 3!), here are some of the latest stats on the little man of the house these days…

  1. Current love = Robots + Rocket ships. Everything ends up as one or the other.
  2. New hobby = “I help you, mama”. This boy loves to cook and help get food ready. Need to find him a more manly apron to go along with this new hobby. The vintage apron from the 50’s just isn’t cuttin’ it.
  3. Big Brother Award= keeping sister happy + entertained in the car. Thanks to him, evyn loves the car seat.
  4. Funny phrases = He talks up a storm these days. Here are some of my favorite recent phrases in his repertoire: “oh, sorry ’bout that, mama.”, “I watch you, mama”, “talk to me, mama”, “Oh, gosh!”
  5. Personality = Sweet with an independent streak that keeps us on our toes. Loves kisses, high fives, and hugs.
  6. Also enjoys = playing in the dirt, watching Word World and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and listening to mama talk in funny voices (ex: he likes for me to give funny talking voices to his cars and toys).

I love watching this little person grow and learn each day. He is really such a joy (minus the moments when he dumps all his toys around the house, has a meltdown in Target, or refuses to eat something that he loved the day before! But hey, if that’s the worst we’ve got going on, we are doing okay, right!?:)) . Honestly, I really LOVE this age and it is so FUN to have a little buddy around the house. It’s been fun to watch him love to learn new things and have real conversations with him. He is constantly pointing to things and asking “Who’s that, mama?” meaning “What’s that” and just wants to know about everything.

Nash, I adore you little boy! Praying for you each day is a great honor. I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for your life. Praying you grow strong, wise, and run hard after the heart of God. May your life bring Him much glory little one!


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