Funny Evyn.

We have been home with little miss Evyn for about 6 weeks and have learned quite a lot about our sweet daughter. Each day she surprises us with a little more of her personality as it comes shining through. Up until this week she has been a pretty serious baby and though she seemed happy and content, it took a lot of work to get a smile or a laugh (actually, I should say Bryson and I have had to work hard for smiles, Nash draws them out easily). But this week I discovered 2 things that make this baby girl light up with giggles and squeals of joy! The first is this:

Evyn goes crazy when she sees the picture of this little boy on her hair moisturizer jar. It’s so sweet and funny!

The second thing that makes her literally shake with excitement is her first love, “Gymbo”. Yes, Gymbo the clown from Gymboree. Who knew that one day I would have a kid who loved clowns?!? Check it out for yourself. (**note, you will also get to see her newest trick, clapping! Also, please ignore my annoying mommy voice. I’ve really got to work on that! On second thought, nah, the kids seem to like it so I’m going to stick by my annoying mommy voice! 🙂 ).

Happy Thursday friends. It’s almost the weekend again. Where did the week go?


12 thoughts on “Funny Evyn.

  1. Too funny. I showed this to my E, and she watched the entire thing smiling and laughing and clapping. I think she recognized your E!

  2. Oh my goodness–what a great way to start my day–I will have a smile on my face all day thinking about that video!!!! Soooo cute!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. Too FUNNY! I will have to let Bear know it looks like Evyn has a boyfriend. Jimbo is the MAN! So cute! Hey, your mommy voice is not nearly as annoying as mine. Actually it’s not annoying at all. 🙂

  4. SO CUTE! And I watched your video before reading your post and thought “she has the most pleasant, sweet voice!”…definitely not annoying one bit! And you have a precious laugh too! And that E…just too stinkin’ CUTE!

  5. oh my gosh, she is so stinkin’ cute!!!!! And those pictures are to die for!!!!! Adorable. cheers to the annoying mommy voice – I’m not sure any of us would speak without one! Yours isn’t annoying though!!

    Also read your post about the skin test….hmmm….glad to hear you caught it early enough. It is crazy to think we’re all at the age to start thinking about it and getting into the derm to check in out. thanks for sharing that too.


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