I borrowed this cool idea called “six” from Debra Parker’s blog. FYI: Amazing story unfolding on their blog and in their lives as they wait for their son to be cleared to come home from Haiti. They were one of the families who were in the adoption process when the earthquake hit and are in the middle of a frustrating battle to get one stinkin’ piece of paper signed so they can come home. It breaks my heart! Her husband is in Haiti now literally living + sleeping on the Embassy floor and fighting  to bring home their son. Read their blog. God is amazing and is going to receive much glory from their story! (***UPDATE: Debra’s husband and son are in air! They are flying home today! PRAISE GOD!!!!!)

She is an awesome blogger. Very funny + transparent + creative. She often does a post called Six where she has 6 pictures of things that made her happy, representations of her week, or just random stuff. I love it. Copying is the greatest form of flattery, right?  Hope that’s okay Debra! Praying for you and your family!

  1. My burlap Tom’s Shoes. Love them. They are starting to stink, but I will wear them anyway.
  2. 2 teeth have officially come through.
  3. watching Nash play in the dirt makes me happy. the smell of mud reminds me of my childhood.
  4. evyn’s tongue…she loves that thing.
  5. A good egg. I heart cage free, grain fed chickens who make beautiful eggs. (Even if they do cost $4)
  6. way too much medicine for the ear infection that will not go away. On day 7 people!

1 thought on “six.

  1. just a note to let you know that you and your family are in the prayers of people you dont even know. i am hayley tucker’s uncle in texas and she shared your story with me during christmas. you and evyn are constantly in my prayers. our church is very involved in bantu, a town about 80 miles from addis. god bless all of you and that precious little girl. jim

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