Lazy Sunday…

3 great things to report:

  1. evyn (i love how her name looks with all lowercase letters!) slept all night without waking up! A full beautiful 12 hours. And when she woke up she didn’t immediately scream but instead just laid and coooood and talked to herself.
  2. At nap time today I had to lay her in her crib awake while I ran to take care of an emergency in Nash’s room. When I got back a few minutes later, she had put herself to sleep! No fussing or crying…just went right to sleep!
  3. I felt her first little tooth start to break through her bottom gum! No wonder she has been chewing on everything like crazy!

So all that to say, I think we are beginning to get into our groove and find our rhythm around here! Here are few more pictures from our week. (**Note. Okay, so I am blogging a lot! I admit, I’m a bit bored when the kids are napping and housework doesn’t interest me right now…so blogging is filling that void this weekend. I need to find a good book to read or get inspired to organize my home.)

out on the town...

showing off her sitting up skills!

Having a ball...

these leg warmers crack me up!



7 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday…

  1. Love the updates!

    When you’re ready to start organizing, perhaps you can check out Peter Walsh’s “It’s All Too Much”. Great read that produces organization action.

  2. LOVE the leg warmers. she looks totally 80’s in that picture…..with her head band, stripped work out leotard, and rad leg warmers. so so cute!

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