I’m not sure where my love (okay, obsession!) with the big head bows on baby girls started. Maybe when I first saw sweet Lucy Lane’s Gotcha video (that girl can rock the big bows! adorable!! And a beautiful family inside and out!) or maybe it was when I ventured into the baby girl clothing section of some of my favorite little boutique shops in town for the first time as I dreamed about bringing home my daughter. Either way, one thing is for sure: dressing a girl is WAY more fun than dressing boy (not that Nash doesn’t have some pretty rad clothes thanks to his amazing Mimi!). But the bows are just the icing on the cake! I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I think the bows really top off an outfit and make it complete! Evyn happily (well, she hasn’t complained yet!)  wears them every day which is a good thing because she easily has 30 or more in her collection. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where I get all her bows, so here is the scoop. A few are splurges from little boutiques in town but they can get expensive so I try to steer clear of those. Evyn’s Mimi made a lot of the cute bands + bows this summer out of fabric, buttons, and other little treasures she found. But my latest and greatestest finds are just from Walmart or Target. I purchased some generic stretching head bands from the hair care aisle (they come in every color of the rainbow) then just clip on different coordinating bows with alligator clips that can be found most anywhere. So far this to be the cheapest and most versitile option. has tons of shops selling cute bows and head gear so check that option out as well!

Here are some pictures of sweet Evyn rocking out a variety of head gear…

pre-made headband topped off with a homemade bow and button

the fabric flower headband look...

one of my favorite bows...neutral & classic.

the very first item I purchased for Evyn. This headband is from the sale rack at Anthropology and I stared at it for months dreaming about our little girl. Love it on her. Simple and cute!

stretchy headband with a bow clipped on

Usually I would say "go big or go home"...but this bow was just a little too big for now!

Have a great weekend blog world friends!



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