My little people…

Nash and Evyn are getting along really well. Praise God!! Nash has easily fallen into his role as “big brother” and keeps a close eye on lil’ miss Evyn to make sure she is “happy” at all times. He has made it is his job to make sure her bib is always dry (she’s a drooler these days…teeth?) and when it’s not he promptly removes the “yucky” one, drops it in the laundry room and replaces it with a new one from the bib drawer. Too cute! Evyn is the first thing he asks about in the morning and he always knows where she is. The best is when he says “come on baby” and motions for her to follow him like she can walk or crawl. The hard part is getting a decent picture of these two together. I think I am going to have to call in for professional to do the job because I can not get a single good picture of them together. But nonetheless, here are a few pictures of my little people this week…

funny face.

He prefers to be on THIS side of the camera…


mama + evyn

one of many attempts to get them in a picture together.

Sweet time with Dada

my two little people...


5 thoughts on “My little people…

  1. Hehee…I was cracking up at the pics of Nash taking the photos! What a little stud! I actually thought you did a great job of getting pics of the two of them, but if you aren’t happy…of course call in a professional! I’ve already got a photographer in mind when we bring our little girl home! =)

  2. What great pictures in the post below. Nash sounds like an amazing big brother. R is still pretty jealous but every day is a little better! Glad to hear you all are doing well.

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