Day 2 at home…

We successfully completed 2 full days at home…in our own house. Whew, having 2 kids is a lot more work than I thought! This is going to take some getting used to! 🙂

Bryson had to head back to Atlanta yesterday morning to preform his first wedding for some friends who are getting married (way to go Rev!). Wish I could have been there to see him, but I was happy to be at home with the kids learning our new routine. I somehow managed to get both kids bathed, fed, and sleeping and you would have thought it was the greatest accomplishment of my life! Then I promptly took a nap of my own.
Evyn is doing really well. We started her on solids last week and she is already eating a full bowl of my famous Dr. Denmark mush. Go girl! This is really helping her sleep much better and keeps her belly full and happy through the day (and helps with the poo. TMI?). When we met her 2 weeks ago she was only on bottles and taking them every 3 hours day and night, so this is great improvement. She is even only waking up once in the night instead of multiple times! We are still tweaking the schedule and figuring out what works, but each day it gets a little better. She’s a happy girl and adores her brother. She giggles at him and watches his every move. Some other accomplishment include:

  • Evyn recognizes and responds to her name.
  • Attaching wonderfully and smiles at Bryson and I when we walk in the room (yay! she likes us!)
  • working on her upper body strength and is sitting up much better
  • LOVES the excersaucer! She is happy playing in it for 30 minutes at a time! Great for her leg strength too.

All in all she is a really happy and content girl…and when she is not, she lets you know! 🙂

Showing off her All Access pass at Passion2010...her first of many I am sure!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 at home…

  1. Hey there! Well, we went to see the fish on Thurs and Addison was like um Mommy where is Nash?? Fish = Nash Mommy! So we missed ya. When ever you guys are ready for a play date give us a hoot. Can not wait to get the DL on being a Mother of two. : ) Call me if you need me! Chris

  2. Hey girl! Love hearing that all is going great!! We watched the video of our gotcha moment….and Michael and I both laughed watching you capture our moment!!!!! What would we have done without your trigger finger?? 🙂 We got some great pictures so thanks!

    It woud be a blast to see you all again….so for sure call when you come to Or-e-gun. ha.


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