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I have the privlidge of being a part of the Do Something Now team at Passion 2010 ( Do Something Now is a call to action. At it’s core we long to see students wed worship and justice in the name of Jesus. As Christ followers, we believe what God want’s most is not just another song, but a reflection of His love and mercy among the poor, the imprisoned, the voicelss and the oppressed. So, over the course of the four days of the conference students at the conference gave $668,000 towards 12 social justice causes in the DSN area…Plus a family attending the event was so moved by the hearts of the students that they decided to match the entire gift bringing our grand total to $1,393,077.42!!! Our week at Passion 2010 was a beautiful collison of what was happening in our personal life as we brought home our daughter and what was happening in God’s bigger story that he is constantly weaving around us perfectly. Words can not describe. We are abundantly blessed to be a part of such a beautiful story.

Here are some pictures from the DSN and  Passion2010.


philips arena


15,000 towels brought by students for the homeless in ATL

worship art.

OneVerse scripture wall

DSN area

letters and images of children in Afghanistan needing cleft palate surgeries.

my fearless team

the lightbulb wall

ribbon's representing trafficked women and children. 27 Million in the world today.

More pictures to come…


5 thoughts on “Do Something Now | Passion2010

  1. Wow. It’s going to take a while to just take in everything you’ve experienced over the last few weeks! We are SO excited for you all, and continue to pray for you all to bond, enjoy one another, & REST.

  2. This sounds SO awesome! And I’m so glad your baby did great! I’m a youth leader, too, and was wondering if there is anything like this on the West Coast for middle/high school students??? Enjoy your baby girl!

  3. looks awesome. how often are you guys hosting the passion conferences? This looked HUGE to pull off… surely not a yearly thing! Shocked and impresses you went straight there from picking Evyn up! Am loving your pics. I havea friend here just entering into the adoption process in ethiopa through Gladney (?) I directed her to your blog.

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