Addis to Atlanta to Athens

Where do I begin? We just made it home to Athens after an AMAZING week in Addis meeting, loving, and picking up our precious daughter then flew straight in to an AMAZING week in Atlanta. We traveled through the night on New Years eve cheering in the new year with each time zone we soared passed. We landed in Atlanta on January 1st around 3pm where we were welcomed home by some wonderful family & friends. From the airport we and headed to Passion 2010 with 22,000 of our closest friends. (So much for the “cacooning stage” with our new daughter and not over stimulating her! Welcome to life as a Vogeltanz sweet girl!) Emily, jumped straight in to work at Passion 2010 preparing for the conference to begin and for 22,000 students to descend on the Georgia World Congress center for 4 days of worshipping our amazing God and King! It was a powerful week and Evyn was covered with love and prayers. She did beautifully and loved being close to her dada all week as she was toted around in the Baby Bjourne so spectators could not get too close to her or ask to hold her.

Upon meeting each other, Nash immediately fell in love with his new sister and showered her with kisses and love. What a wonderful big brother he is to her already. Praise God! He was and still is  so excited about “the baby” as he refers to her.

Finally on January 6th we headed home…completely exhuasted but so thankful for all God accomplished in the lives of students and in our own hearts. We are now beginning the journey of settling in to our new routine as a family of 4. Our hearts are overflowing with joy. Pure and perfect joy. Thank you God for your abundant goodness in our lives and for calling us to parent this precious child of yours. We are overwhelmed by your love and grateful for all that You are.

ready for our 15 hour flight home…
Evyn’s first flight…
Grateful for bassinets on planes…
Addis to Atlanta
2nd airport…Dada makes Evyn belly laugh.

Finally Home!

Nash meets his sister and immediately loves her to pieces!

sleeping in the Baby Bjorn on super dad at Passion2010

chillin' at home.


14 thoughts on “Addis to Atlanta to Athens

  1. Love all of the pictures!! Especially the one of Nash kissing his sweet sister! I am so excited to meet Evyn and to hear more about your adventrue. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!!

  2. I LOVE BABY EVYN! i hope yall are getting some rest and getting that sweet baby on Eastern time! 🙂 love and miss you!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! I have watched and read as your story progressed. What an adventure! Evyn is so lucky to have been placed in such a wonderful, caring and Christ centered family. God’s love never fails…

    I will be looking forward to seeing this new addition to your family when you make it to Clarksburg. Love and kisses to Nash and Evyn!

  4. Oh my Emily and Bryson!!! She is so beautiful…and my heart is welling up as I look at the photos of her and especially the one of her and Nash! Thank you for letting us in on a little bit of your world as it is today! How blessed you all are! I can’t wait to meet her. Let’s get together when you life settles down a bit.

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