Shout out!

Okay, so in just 6 days Bryson and I will be borading a plane to Ethiopia!! We haven’t packed a single thing yet and probably won’t until later this week because we are non-stop BUSY!!  Seriously…non-stop. It’s insane, but that’s just how the V-tanz family rolls. I really need to give some special shout outs to people in our life who have really helped us out and made us smile this week. Drumroll…….

MIMI! Mimi came into town this week and has been a HUGE help to us. She is loving on Nash and getting us ready for Evyn’s arrival. Thanks to Mimi, Evyn will surely be the best dressed girl in town. It’s so fu to see all the girly clothes that she will soon be wearing!! Plus, Mimi got Evyn her first dolly! See picture below, she is just precious!

JACKIE!  Thank YOU to our friend Jackie who so graciously offered to gather donations for us to bring to Hannah’s Hope. I was bummed because I was not going to have any time to put together donations and out of the blue, Jackie called and asked if she could spear head that for me. So GRATEFUL for sweet family and friends!

ERIN! My older sister, Erin, made me cry earlier this week when 2 big boxes were delivered to me with diapers, clothes, blankets, and wipes. It made me feel so loved and cared for! Amazing!

OLIVIA! For listening to me whine and cry on the phone multiple times during the day. Thanks for putting up with me! 🙂

CHRISTIN! My uber-talented artsy friend who made an AWESOME Africa blanket for Evyn! It’s so pretty it made me cry! She could start a business with these precious blankets.

So those are my shout outs for today. I could list about 100 more, but I’ll pace myself and save some for tomorrow. Seriously, I am blown away by the amazing people in my life…so so grateful. words can not describe.

Pink better be the new "it" color, cause Evyn's wardrobe is full of it!

Handmade Africa Blanket + Evyn's first dolly!


3 thoughts on “Shout out!

  1. That blanket is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!! I showed Josh the picture and now we wants one (maybe in the shape of Oregon or something) 🙂 So glad you’re taken care of, Emily! Can’t wait to see pictures of miss Evyn!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy for you. It is so fun getting ready to travel. I’m glad I make someone laugh… ha.
    Maeve is pronounced like Mave… but cooler because there’s an extra “e”.
    Hope you are well and enjoying all the festivities… Take care!

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