no time to blog!

But I’ll try to quickly update anyway…

Life is moving full speed ahead! It’s crazy busy and completely wonderful! We are 99% sure we are traveling on Christmas day to pick up Evyn (pronounced “Evan”). We have our tickets on hold and should hear from our agency today or tomorrow with a green light to book them. There is one piece of paper that they were waiting on from Ethiopia, so we are praying and trusting that lone sheet of paper makes it to the right folder.

Up until we passed court on Thanksgiving day I had been careful about guarding my heart. I have been so excited about baby Evyn, but there was a big part of my heart that wasn’t full “in” until we heard that we did in fact pass court and that she was really and truly our daughter. I think it was my mama survival mode instincts. But since we got the good news on Thankgiving I’ve been a big ball of emotion and excitement . The flood gates are open! Also, up until we passed court I had not really done anything to get ready for Evyn (again, that was just me guarding my heart). I even turned down baby showers telling my friends once I passed court then we could fully celebrate! So, here I am now ¬†completely overwhelmed with all that has to get done in the next few weeks! Like diapers, clothes, and bottles, OH MY! Thankfully, my mother-in-law is coming into town next week to help bring me some sanity as I prepare to pick up our baby girl. It is so funny that our adoption journey has felt sooooo slow and then BOOM everything is going really fast. We are so grateful and would not have it any other way! My heart is breaking for several families I follow in blog-world that have not passed court the first or second time. I can only imagine how frustrated and sad they are.

On top of all this, the conference I have been planning over the course of the past year will take place slap dab in the middle of when I am in Ethiopia. God’s timing is funny, but he is teaching me so much in these days as I download everything in my brain to my team so they can successfully complete my role at the conference without me. I am so grateful for my team and know that they will do a beautiful job without me. There is nowhere else in the world I would rather be (or en route to) on Christmas day than in Ethiopia picking up my baby girl!

I’ll blog more tomorrow when hopefully we get the green light to GO!


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