It’s Official!!

We just got a call from Julie, our caseworker, to book our tickets!!!!!

Baby Evyn…we are coming on Christmas Day!!

Julie also told us a bit more info about our sweet girl…

Miss Evyn is 26 inches long, almost 15lbs and wears 3-6 month clothes. The special mothers at Hannah’s Hope say they have no concerns about her going to us…we can pick her up and hold her immediately. 🙂 They also say she is a “content baby, very happy and active. She is sweet spirited and adorable!” How awesome is that!??

I AM SOOOOOOO IN LOVE!!!! I wish you could see how big Bryson and I are smiling right now!!


17 thoughts on “It’s Official!!

  1. My smile is radiant too…I ‘m off to celebrate and get her some special things–need to down size some of the things I got!!What fun!!Mimi

    • Congrats on your new daughter. Our love and prayers are with you I received a Xmas card from Grandma Sharon today and she told us the fantastic news. I am sure the stores are out of pink by now. Love , Larry and Patti John

  2. Emily, Bryson, Nash and Evyn Olivia,
    We have followed your incredible journey the last few months and are so excited for you both!!! What a wonderful gift from God on Christmas day! Safe travels for all and our prayers continue to be with you! Thanks for sharing your blessing with all!
    In His name,
    MaryAnne and Dwight (Michelle West’s parents)

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