And her name is…

Now that our sweet baby girl is really and truly OUR baby girl, we have decided to share the name we have chosen for our precious daughter and the meaning behind her new name…

Many times in scripture we see God give his followers a new names when they choose to follow him as a sign to all that their life has been pointed in a new direction. In the same way we have chosen to give our daughter a new name to signify her new beginning as part of our family. She is no longer an orphan, but now our daughter. Praise the Lord!

The name we have given her is:

Evyn Olivia Vogeltanz

Evyn is a name we have loved for years and is after a dear and beautiful friend of ours from college. Evyn has two meanings. Both are significant for our daughter:

God is good


Young  fighter

Both meanings are so true of our little girl! This adoption journey has reminded us of God’s faithfulness and goodness. He is Good! Each time we say her name we will be reminded of His forever and perfect goodness so that we would point our lives back to Him and give Him glory.

Our little one is also a “young fighter”. In the first months of her life she has had to fight through many obstacles and overcome incredible odds. We are grateful that the Lord’s strength has carried her through thus far and praise Him for this little fighter!

At it’s root, Olivia means “Peace”. We pray peace over our little girl’s life and all that God has in store for her. More significantly to us, Olivia is the name of my sister and best friend. I am so honored to give this name to my daughter and pray she would grow up to be as beautiful, kind, generous, and godly as my sister Olivia.

It is such a wonderful feeling to call her by name (no more Baby Opi!) and we can not wait until we can finally hold her in our arms SOON!


22 thoughts on “And her name is…

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to meet your sweet family….and see you guys again! I’m always in Athens the 1st week of June for a conference. Let’s go ahead and plan to get together!!

    Evyn is so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family. What a journey! I know that God has big things in store for you all.

    Love from Atlanta….


  2. What a beautiful name!! You know we are partial to “Olivia” (our sweet daughter’s name)! Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet Baby Evyn Olivia….and maybe she’d enjoy some playdates with our Olivia! I think they’re near the same age! Praying for you guys, daily, as you await her arrival!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us, Emily!

    Her name is just full of Vs. Is that a sound that Nash is making yet? It can be a tricky one for young talkers! He might want to get all practiced up and ready to call his little sister by name. It will make them both feel so extra special!!!

  4. Beautiful name! Excited to pray for her by name… and to know two lovely Evyns! I look forward to following your incredible journey and promise to comment more often ;).

  5. Do you say it with a “ee” or an “eh” at the beginning? Thanks for sharing the whole meaning. I’m glad you like comments! Sometimes I fear you will think I’m stalking you, so I stay silent! But I am just so interested in how you and Bryson are living out your lives. I still can see you all in my mind at your wedding, with hands clasped and heads together, praying so fervently…and see the result! I am so thrilled for you, Emily and Bryson- and Nash! And what a blessed little girl she is, to have landed in such a family.

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