Um, you must not have heard what I said…

Okay blog readers…I KNOW you are out there. I see how many hits my blog gets a day. You stop me at the grocery or a church and tell me you read my blog. You send me Facebook comments and emails refering to my blog…but yet, you never make comments. It usually doesn’t hurt my feelings, but on VERY IMPORTANT post announcements like the one I made on Thanksgiving, I need a little more blog-world support. You know what I mean? 🙂 (Thank you to the 2 of you out here who do chime in, I really appreciate it!) So I am giving you, my beloved blog readers, the benefit of the doubt and assuming you didn’t clearly hear what I said in the last post and give you a chance to celebrate with us one more time…


(**note: this is said in a very high pitched VERY excited voice and jumping up and down kind of way!!)

This is a big deal…REALLY BIG DEAL. Passing court means that our baby girl is REALLY ours. She is legally and officially our daughter. She’s a Vogeltanz! She is always and forever our daughter. No longer an orphan, but OUR daughter. Nash’s sister. Our 2nd child. So come on, celebrate with us! This is a very very joyful time in our family’s history.

Disclaimer: I’m only half kidding about my feelings getting hurt about the lack of comments on the blog. 🙂 But I do wish people would chime in more! Maybe I need to be a better blogger or talk about more interesting things. I’ll work on my part, if you work on yours! Or more likely, I’m completely a words of affirmation person so getting comments is half the fun of blogging in the first place. There, I’ve said it and gotten it off my chest! Now I’m going to move in with life and to more important things like making my first ever Thanksgiving dinner (yes, a few days late, but better late than never!)  🙂  Have a great Sunday!


20 thoughts on “Um, you must not have heard what I said…

  1. Ha ha…you make me laugh!! I and am totally pumped for you guys!!! I was compulsively checking your blog over the holiday (and praying) to see that you passed. I guess my follow though on posting comments just wasn’t all that great. I even told my family about you guys!! I can’t wait to meet her. What an amazing journey!

  2. Hey–Emily you know we are all sooooooHAPPY and can’t wait to meet her and especially hear the travel date—my suitcase is packed as soon as I het the call!!! I’ll call later–wanted you to have a full day with Nash before we bugged you…:)

  3. We are so excited for you! We were out of town for Thanksgiving without computers or would have rejoiced earlier… not out of lack of love! I know you guys are super excited to finally get to hold her and take her home. We will be praying for you in this next step in your journey…. any idea on dates? I bet that Nash is going to LOVE it!!

  4. Yay for passing court! We are still waiting to get word on our court date scheduled on the 26th. Hopefully we will get our travel dates soon and have our babies home soon!!!

    Sarah Pell

  5. I must admit that I found your blog a few weeks ago. We are starting the process of adopting from Ethiopia and I can’t wait to read along as you go get your daughter! I have thought of you so many times in the last few days and what a relief it must be to know you passed! Congrats!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I definitely read along in your blog and have actually wanted to send you a question but couldn’t find a way to e-mail you.

    Now back to the celebrating…WOO HOO! This truly is HUGE AND PHENOMENAL! Do you know when you all will get travel dates?

    Many hugs!

  7. Emily, Bryson and Nash… this is SO exciting. Praising God with you, here. Do you know her name? Do you get to pick a name? How does this work?? Man, I cannot imagine being in your position, you all must be peeing your pants. Excuse the phrase, but that’s how I would be. CAN WAIT for these next few updates and finally that picture of you all together!


  8. We were watching and waiting for the results! We are definitely rejoicing with you guys! So SO excited! Your journey (and being able to watch via your blog) has been a true blessing to our family! Thank you for sharing!

  9. wow! Em, you really got things stirred up on here. It is great to see all these people joining in with us to pray for and celebrate our new daughter. Thanks!!

  10. Congratulations!!! I have followed your blog for several months now. We are adopting from Ethiopia, and we hope to get our referral in the next month or so. It is so exciting to think about being where you are now! I can’t wait! God bless!


  11. Congratulations Emily, Bryson, and Nash! I so love reading your blog and hearing about your exciting journey. My husband Brian and I have felt that God is slowly leading us towards an international adoption in the coming years and it gives me such hope to know that your little girl is finally yours after all those prayers. Good luck with the rest of the journey until you can hold her in your arms!

  12. I was so excited to read your news as I had been praying! Evyn Olivia is truly blessed to be joining such a godly family. Congratulations again 🙂

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