Picture of the day: Too many to choose from

We walked through slums and rural villages. We saw unthinkable poverty. We laughed and smiled with precious children. We loved the Dalit people. We celebrated all that God is doing in this country through the men and women serving Him with their lives. He is the true King of Kings! And all of His creation is beautiful.

**And just for fun…I am so thankful for technology and skype! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Picture of the day: Too many to choose from

  1. Hey emily,
    Did you guys go to the pipe village? one of the pictures looks like a place I did ministry in when I lived in India that they called the Pipe Village (because all the people made their homes out of discarded cement pipes behind the pipe factory). Hope your trip was fantastic. I LOVED India and can’t wait to get back someday.

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