I am sitting in India right now…which is about 3 hours ahead of Ethiopia where our papers went before court today. Wow. I can not believe our court date has already happened (probably…it is around 6pm in Addis right now, so I am guessing they are closing up for the day?)! I am so excited to hear from our caseworker, Julie, and to know if we passed or not. I do have this sense of holding my breath…not quite relaxed until I hear the news that she is really ours forever. But, being in India has definitely helped keep me from obsessing about the court date the last few days, which has been a blessing (I can be a bit obsessive about those things!).

Thank you for all the prayers and support. I am constantly blown away by my friends and family who have cheered us on through this entire journey. I will post an update as soon as I hear something!

We are praying for you Baby Opi…and can not wait to come pick you up soon….


5 thoughts on “COURT DATE!

  1. Augh. I was so hoping you were posting that you’d passed! I cannot wait to hear some good news for you. The pictures below are simply amazing.

    Sarah and I decided you had the right idea– get out of the country during the week of court. We thought we might go to Addis as volunteer baby holder at HH, though. šŸ™‚

  2. ha! thanks molly! it was definitely a good idea to get out of the country! But I’m with you…i’d much rather be holding a babe at HH.
    It’s exciting that the first group who traveled this week already have their babies in their arms…our time is coming. I can hardly wait!!
    i’ll post when I hear news of our court. your date is coming up! have a great Thanksgiving…

  3. Julie has promised to email me when she gets word since we have had good internet access in India. SO anxious to hear…one way or the other!


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