And away we go…

1 backpack. 10 days.

Bryson and I have been blessed to see many corners of the world and meet amazing people along the way. Fancy places, dirty places, rich places, poor places, and poorer than poor kind of places. It doesn’t matter where really, we just love to travel. Globe trotting is our most favorite hobby that we share. We have found that carving out time and budget to make these excursions happen is vital  because these adventures are fuel for our marriage. Travel to us means focused one on one time where we are able to invest in each other and cultivate our relationship outside of the normal routine. Plus we treasure the memories we make on these low-budget crazy adventures! And so…away we go!

This time our frequent flyer miles are taking us to exotic and chaotic India. This trip has been on the calendar for over a year so when our referral happened much sooner than we expected we prayed and sought wise counsel about whether or not we should still go on this trip (knowing we would have to leave again in a month or so for Ethiopia). We decided to go for it, knowing it will be one of our last backpacking adventures for awhile. (except for picking our Baby Opi soon! But that is a whole different kind of travel adventure!!)

The hardest part about traveling is being away from our son. It makes me cry to think about it so, instead let’s change the subject and talk about a few things I am looking forward to about our trip to India:

  • the challenge of cramming everything I need for well over a week into 1 backpack.
  • that we will spend Thanksgiving over a bowl of curry instead of turkey.
  • that we will be busy busy busy so I won’t go stir crazy waiting to hear about our Court Date results!
  • meeting and loving on some of the beautiful Dalit people who are considered “untouchable” by their countrymen, but so very loved by Jesus.
  • new sights…smells…foods…landscape…the crowds…the unknown!

Deep breath…and away we go!


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