A Lovey and a letter


Package for Opi

Our agency encouraged us to put together a little care package for Baby Opi that will be sent over to her. It is just a small package and all contents need to fit in a big zip lock bag. Our package includes a baby photo album (I found an awesome one with lots of different textures and a wooden ring by Sassy on Amazon.com. I try to avoid plastic toys, so this was a great find! I know I am weird about the plastic vs. wooden toys. It’s selfish…I just like the look of wooden toys better in my house!) The album has a picture of Opi, a picture of me and Bryson, and picture of Nash. 

Also included in the package is a soft lovey for baby Opi. Nash has one just like it that has become he dearest friend over the past year, affectionately known as “doggie”. He has been loving on Opi’s since we bought it and is getting it worn in for her. He actually refers to it as “Baby Opi”. Perhaps this toy will take on her nickname when we officially name her after our court date. 

IMG_8712  IMG_8710  IMG_8709

I also stuffed in a little outfit. It will get shared by all the babies at Hannahs Hope and that makes me smile. 

Last but not least I printed a photo album for Opi’s family. It includes the 3 pictures we have of Opi plus a few picture of our family. Since I only had a few picture for the photo album, I had it bound into a little hard back book at Wal Mart photo center  and it looks really nice. 

The next big task on my to do list is the letter to Opi’s family. Each time I sit down to write it, I am at a loss for words. I am praying that God would speak through me and give me exactly the right words to communicate to her family.

Just 22 more days until Court! (I have 4 canker sores…me stressed? no way! 🙂 ) 


2 thoughts on “A Lovey and a letter

  1. I am right there with you the plastic thing. I don’t like the invasion of all this primary colored plastic in my house!! Glad to know I’m not the only one! Isn’t it amazing to know that you are sending something to Ethiopia that Opi will touch and smell. So close!

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