Wednesday Wisdom?


It’s been exactly 1 week since we got “The Call” and laid eyes on our precious baby girl on the other side of the world. We plowed through our post referral paperwork at lightning speed and overnighted it to AGCI yesterday. Now we wait (AGAIN!). 

We are so in love with this little beauty! She is 7690 miles away tonight. It is currently 5am in Addis so I’m guessing she is just about to wake up and start her day…meanwhile, I’m getting in my pj’s about to end my day. To say this week was an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement! I was not prepared for the overflow of emotions that would follow “meeting” our baby girl. So many emotions! I have seriously cried more in the past week than I have in years! Tears of joy for this precious 12lb gift of life waiting for us…tears of sadness for our little one’s story…tears of excitment about this next phase of our family’s journey…tears of frustration that we have to wait so much longer to pick her up…tears of happiness as we look at her sweet face…nervous tears as we think about all the details that have to fall into place and are out of our control (court dates, travel dates, etc.). Up and down, up and down.

Can any of you other adopting-mama’s relate?

For those of you who have been through the adoption process, what are some helpful hint’s, wisdom, or advice you would give us newly-“referred”-parents as we navigate through this next part of the journey? 


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom?

  1. How I wish I had wisdom to give you. All I’ve got is empathy. This is the toughest part. Hoping to watch the final wait fly quickly for you.

  2. Oh, I know exactly what you’re saying. This is by far the hardest part. My heart ached for R and now it aches for E. It is so, so painful. However, I take comfort knowing that she’s in the best place for her until we can bring her home.

    Advice? Try to keep yourself busy, and you can’t stress out about the stuff on the ET side we have no control over. I am already starting to plan what to pack and what to wear, etc. Anything to keep your mind occupied is going to be good, obviously. And just pray. Pray for yourself to get through the waitnig, pray for those caring for your sweet daughter, pray for her birthfamily, and of course, most importantly, pray for her. That’s what I’m doing anyway!

  3. I have been feeling the same way. My husband was telling me last night that this adoption plan is all in Gods timing. He knows the exact time that we are supposed to travel to pick up our little one. My heart is aching to hold him. We are keeping busy with our two girls and preparing for our little guys arrival. The past two weeks we have purchased some things for him, so its helping with the wait. I pray for both of us and for all the other families that we get quick court dates and are able to travel soon after.

  4. I can so relate! As of today (Oct 27) it has been one week since we received our referral of a precious baby girl. I had no idea I would feel so many emotions this week.

    I hope we get to meet in ET – Our precious little ones are over there together just waiting for their mommies.

    Praying for you!


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