Fall Equinox Tradition

Growing up, my family would “celebrate” the Fall Equinox by standing eggs up. I don’t know if it is truth or just an old tale, but there is something about the tilt of the earth on that specific day of the year that makes it easy to stand an egg up by itself. I promise it works! Does anyone else have that funny family tradition? My mom called me on Monday to remind me that Tuesday the 22nd was the Equinox and not to forget to stand my eggs up! And so I did…


Welcome Fall 2009

Welcome Fall 2009

The egg standing was sadly the highlight of the day! We had Nash’s 2-year check up and had to finish up some shots. Ay yi yi. Give me some sympathy mama’s! There is nothing fun about trying to hold down a (strong!) screaming 2-year old while they get shots and are crying from the depths of their soul for their mommy to help them! It was traumatic…for me and him! We both needed a cookie and lolly pop when it was all said and done! On a good note…Nash is healthy as can be and based on his 2-year old height he should grow to be a strapping (and VERY handsome) 6 foot 2 inch tall man…the same height as his daddy! How cool is that?! Speaking of Bryson, he is training for his first marathon and I am so proud of his dicipline and determination. If all goes to plan, Bryson will run the race in November. Until then, Nash likes to help Bryson stretch and coaches him while he prepares to run…


You can do it!

You can do it!



Work it. Work it!

Work it. Work it!



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