Small Group Love…

I just got home from a long day and found this upon entering the house…




10 balloons + “top 10 reasons why we are so excited to meet ‘Opi'” from the college girls I lead in Small Group. They are amazing girls and so thoughtful. I felt so celebrated, encouraged and loved tonight that they would go the extra mile to do this for me! I can not wait to introduce sweet ‘Opi’ to these beautiful girls!

Here is the “Top 10 List” according to my college girls…

  1. We are excited to meet “Opi” so we can marvel at her beautiful skin!
  2. We are excited to meet “Opi” so we can finally know her real name!
  3. So we can meet this beautiful gift God is bringing from Africa to here  and show her His Love!
  4. We are excited because that means Emily can get pregnant soon and their number of children can grow exponentially!
  5. So we can put her hair in corn rows!
  6. We are excited to meet “Opi” so we can say “Enkuan basalem gabash ligit” which means “Welcome baby girl” 
  7. We are excited to meet baby “Opi” so we will soon see all the cool artistic pictures Emily takes of her!
  8. Because she is from ETHIOPIA!! So cool!
  9. We love your heart for the Lord and for His children!
  10. Now Nash will have a new sister!

4 thoughts on “Small Group Love…

  1. Hi,

    Our family is (as of first part of Sept) officially #12 on the wait list for a baby girl through AGCI. Looks like you guys are 2 spots ahead of us. 🙂 Maybe we’ll meet in Ethiopia when we’re getting our girls!


    • Hey Sarah…do you guys have a blog?? would love to meet you in blog world and follow your journey!

      thanks for stopping by and finding us! 🙂

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