Big Brother Nash…

As I was putting Nash to bed tonight I asked him what he wanted to pray for or if there was something specific he is thankful for today. This is part of our normal evening ritual as Nash LOVES to pray and always (surprisingly) says different things each night that he wants to pray about. Tonight was precious. In response to the question he paused, thought a moment then said, “baby…girl…”Opi” and smiled really big. It was completely out of the blue and we had not even talked about his baby sister today. It made my heart soar to know that somehow in his 2-year-old brain he is thinking about this coming baby and wants to pray for her. I love his precious heart and know he will be a wonderful big brother! 

I’m thankful for her too, Nash. And I can not wait to meet “baby…girl…”Opi” either! But until then, I’m content holding your little hand and praying for her with you.


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