The “Big Boy Room”

We took the plunge and moved Nash from his crib to a twin bed this weekend. I was prepared for it to be an awful transition filled with lots of tears and drama…but surprisingly it has gone perfectly smooth. Bryson and I unveiled his “Big Boy Room” on Saturday before his birthday party and his joy and expression upon entering the room was priceless. (I had the whole thing on video…but realized I forgot to push the record button. ARGH!) At nap time on Saturday we put him down in his new room and told him that he was not allowed to get out of the bed until mommy or daddy came to get him. He got out twice right away, but we disciplined quickly and then he got it! He has done perfectly ever since! He loves his bed and playing in his room. I am so happy the transition has gone so well! Here are a few pictures of his new room…




seeing the room for the first time….


Checking out the bed from a distance…


Loving his big boy bed!! Yay!!



3 thoughts on “The “Big Boy Room”

  1. Nash is quite the cute little man. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to looking through your journey. As far as finding out the waitlist buddies, I did some major blog stalking in the beginning. There are also two yahoo groups just for AGCI clients. I’ll give you the sites and all you need to to is apply to join. Super easy! One site is more about chatting back and forth and the other is a series of documents, such as the lists, what to pack,etc… Both are very useful. Here you go:

  2. Hello! Found your post on the listserv. We’re right behind you at #16 (Aug. numbers) on the waiting list to bring our second Ethiopian princess home. Looking forward to following your journey!

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