Country Roads…


The "booooyysss" as Nash calls them. This was the closest thing to a group photo I could get. It was always beautiful chaos around the Hill house!

Nash and I packed our bags and set out on a week long journey north. The country roads led us north through Knoxville where we spent the night at our friends Christopher + Alice’s adorable house.  Then we continued upward and spent a few days in Cincinnati, Ohio with my dear college friend Emmy who happened to be home from South Africa for a visit and 6 months pregnant! It was so refreshing to see and spend time with her! (There is something so unique and special about good friends…years can pass by without seeing one another then when you meet up again it is like no time has passed at all. I love good friends!) Lastly, we made our way to my old stompin’ grounds in Clarksburg, WV for the remainder of the week and spent time with Marmi + Obi and the whole gang (except for KG and Bryson) for a bit of a reunion! Lots of fun, laughing, chaos, playing, and parenting going on between 5 little boys, 1 baby girl, and 10 adults under one roof! So much fun was had that I didn’t get a lot of pictures so I am hoping my siblings will send me some of theirs!


Colin, Nash, Cooper, and Ian

Colin, Nash, Cooper, and Ian

The boys enjoyed running through the sprinkler in the yard one evening. We even brought out the soap and just bathed the boys right there in the yard with the hose…how very “West Virginia stereotype” of us! 🙂 

 IMG_8247  IMG_8249  IMG_8248  IMG_8250


We also spent an afternoon playing in the water at the “real” swimming pool…



Xavier peed on the ground…this picture and the moment was priceless…


Sweet baby Charis (Olivia’s daughter) and her floppy hat…



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