We strolled in from the lake this afternoon and collected the mail from the past few days. In the pile of catalogs and junk mail was an unassuming little card in a hot pink envelope addressed to me and Bryson. Bryson opened the mail while I unpacked. “Oh…my….goodness!” is what I heard Bryson mutter as I turned around and saw his jaw open as he silently read the kind note in one hand and held a check in the other. He immediately read me the note and then showed me the check. A $1,000 check. Not from some rich old lost aunt or wealthy doctor, but instead a 20 year old college student whom we have known for a little over a year had written us this check to go towards our adoption. 





We had never asked for or expected money from this college student. It was completely out of the blue, and quite simply yet another reminder that God is in control. A reminder that God uses average, everyday people to do miracles and be His hands and feet in this crazy world. We are blown away by the heart of this 20 year old girl and that she would choose to leverage her finances to help us bring home our baby girl. Every day we are more and more humbled as friends and family come around us and cheer us forward on this adoption journey. I don’t know how we will ever be able to truly thank everyone who has been a part of this process. What an amazing ride! Thank you to everyone who has given…big or small…we are forever grateful, and you are forever a part of our story. 

***We have raised $20,051.05 in 5 months. Only $6,948.95 remains. God is so good. 


Nash enjoying a boat ride on the lake this weekend.

Nash enjoying a boat ride on the lake this weekend.


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