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We got news this week that we are officially number 30 on the waitlist to be matched with our baby girl in Ethiopia! While that means we have a good 8 to 9 months of waiting ahead of us, we are still thrilled and it is just exciting to know that we are officially “in line” to be matched. We like to think of this stage as the “first trimester”. 🙂

In honor of the number 30 here are thirty things we are looking forward to about our baby girl…

  1. to see her little face for the first time
  2. to hold her in our arms and never let her go
  3. to learn about her past and dream about her future
  4. to do her hair! 🙂
  5. to kiss her little face
  6. to learn her personality
  7. to travel to Ethiopia to pick her up and visit her country
  8. to meet the women who have cared for her in Ethiopia at the orphanage and thank them
  9. the 20+ hour flight home
  10. to watch Nash meet his little sister
  11. to helping her adjust to her new surroundings
  12. to bonding with her and becoming her family
  13. to becoming her mother
  14. to play dress up with her (pink, pink, pink!)
  15. to tell her about Jesus
  16. to watch her grow and be healthy
  17. to introduce her to all the people who have helped us financially and prayerfully bring her home
  18. to listen to her laugh for the first time
  19. to watch her smile at me + bryson for the first time
  20. to feeding her
  21. to watch her sleep in her nursery
  22. to teach her to walk
  23. to tell her stories about Ethiopia
  24. to watch Bryson fall in love with his little baby girl
  25. to learning how to take care of her precious skin
  26. to watching the grandparents spoil and love on her
  27. to providing for all her needs
  28. to watching her play with her new friends
  29. to one day when we can bring her to visit Ethiopia
  30. to telling her story…and hoping it inspires many to adopt as well. 

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