How do you spend your saturday? Do you play in the dirt like me? 

Dirt 101: 


go on, get those nails dirty…


give that mud a toss in the air…


what the heck, go on and take a bite…(be warned it does get stuck in your teeth.)


then head in for a bubble bath…


We also like to mow the grass on Saturdays…(okay, “like” is a strong word…but mom likes to “strongly encourage” dada to mow the grass on saturdays)


And if we are lucky, we get to swing by the Hall’s house for Brian’s Saturday homemade breakfast and hang out with the clan…



**ADOPTION UPDATE: Our home study report was apparently scheduled to be reviewed by the agency yesterday. We hope to have some news on Monday from our social worker and have our Dossier turned in by mid week. Praying and being patient! 🙂


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