Pura Vida!


We had a very good time in Costa Rica last week. We were carefree the whole week and just went wherever the wind took us…which ended up being a whirlwind tour of the west coast of the country putting over 500 miles on our little car. The tickets were free via Sky Miles and the goal was to do the trip MUY CHEAPO. It was a fun challenge and we had an awesome time! Here is a glimpse of our week…


A little slice of paradise. Ahhhh….I took up residence in that hammock for several hours while Bryson conquered surfing. 


Like I said, I was very cozy in my hammock….


Yes, that is a pig in the picture. Her name is Lola and she is famous at this particular beach. She even has a restaurant named after her. 


Another slice of paradise. This was taken at our new friends’ home in Ocotal. We stumbled upon their guest house and rented it for a few nights. It was a sweet deal at only $50 a night! (Quite an upgrade from the $6 a night youth hostel that proved to us that bed bugs really do exist and we have become far too old…and maybe just a little too high maintenence for youth hostels. Sigh)


the view from the deck…


The main house…


Costa Rica has a rule that no beach is private…so you technically can go to any resort and hang out at their beach. We tried doing this at the Four Seasons (since we could never afford the $500 a night price tag, we thought we would at least like to look at it)…but we never made it to their main beach. They dropped us off at another beach for people like us who are trying to get into the resort. Funny. It was still a nice beach though. 


We tore up those dusty Costa Rican roads. Windows rolled down, wind in our face, 99 degree weather, (and a little sun poisoning)….We had a lot of fun just hanging out together…



But the roads were not always kind to us…


We loved the drive from the coast to the Arenal Volcano…


The zip-line canopy tour through the cloud forest of Monteverde was quite an adventure. (Seriously, like that stupid blue plastic hat is going to do any good if you drop from the cable 300 feet above the ground??? Was it just to make us feel safe??!!)


That’s me flying above the canopy….


Bryson and I getting cuddly in the hammock. I love to travel…especially with my sweet husband. I cant wait to see where the wind (and free Sky Miles) takes us next!! 🙂 



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